Box Full of Tools of the Trade

The tools Dale primarily uses to communicate dynamic truths through the dramatic arts are puppets and props. Dale places the 'tools' needed for bringing stories alive in any given presentation into a tool box (travel trunk) or tool bag (duffel bag) and off he goes. Here are a sampling of the characters who make appearances from Dale's toolbox (or bag).


This shy sheep was the first puppet character to show Dale how kids of all ages relate to puppets and thus was the first to join the cast of the 'TOOLBOX'. Sammy helps the shy among us and the shy part in all of us to have a character with which to identify.

Bobby Bunny

This hoppity happy hare ran away from Dale's daughter to be the second puppet character in the 'TOOLBOX'. Bobby, who loves to share good news often leads off a session of exploring dynamic truth.

Billy Big Mouth Bass

This puppet converted from a hat made of. . .(well I'm not sure what :-) has without a doubt become a favorite! You can count on the fact that whenever Billy makes an appearance that there will be those who will come up afterwards and "Want to see that fish." Billy delights in underscoring the reality that "You shall know the truth and the truth will keep you out of the frying pan and swimming free!"


This info-bot from the planet Clippo is one of the prop characters from the 'TOOLBOX'. Whenever Dale puts on the cut-up old green coat, an amazing transformation takes place as Zippo appears to give insight into human life and behavior from an alien's perspective.


With this character Dale steps into the skin of a hillbilly from the hills just south of where he was raised in Missouri. This bigger than life prop character from the 'TOOLBOX' has a fun way of presenting serious truth.

Clint the Clown

This prop character is a panomiming marionette puppet. Dale can't work a marionette puppet, but with this character he can become one and accent the truth that God hasn't put us on strings but has given us a chooser.

Biblically Based Monologues

Dale delights in bringing a host of characters from the Bible to life with the help of his and the viewers imaginations.
Without the use of makeup or elaborate costumes he slips on a simple robe and steps into the character and story being presented. Dale particularly enjoys focusing in on the life and ministry of Jesus as seen through the eyes of characters such as Peter, Simon of Cyrene, John, Bartimaus and many more.

Everett Mann

This 'every man' character made his premiere within days of when Dale went full time with CareActor Inc.. Through the months Everett has personified a dad about to give his daughter away in marriage, a dad wrestling with the tragic death of a child in a car accident, a dad living with the head (and heart) aches of dealing with a rebellious teen and now stands ready to deal with other real life situations when the good Lord calls upon him.




In 2010 a new dimension was added to CareActor!
Believe it or not it's now been three years since CareActor added a new dimension!
We added
-CAREActor - a ministry of standing beside persons encouraging them in living out their stories;
-to CareACTOR - the ministry we've been providing of standing before persons sharing stories.
We are humbled to report that the CAREActor dimension has grown steadily & is definitely an increased part of what our Lord is doing through CareActor.
In addition to the increase in the 'Care' dimension, the Lord has graciously continued to open opportunities for the CareACTOR dimension. In the next few weeks we are scheduled to be in Colorado, Washington, Wyoming, Oklahoma and closer to home right here in Nebraska.


One of the greatest delights in the last 5 years has been the blessing of partnering with Harbor Ministries
Harbor Ministries is a unique ministry intent on helping leaders young (through Rhythm in 20) and more 'seasoned' (through Rogue) to live and lead well. To get a glimpse at what we are blessed to come alongside and join our Lord in serving I invite you to check out


11 years and counting
This year marked the 11th anniversary of many firsts for CareActor.
March 2002 was when the dream of doing what has become CareActor was spoken into us, affirmed by our Lord in us and then spoken to Keystone by us.June 2002 was the month in which we were first recognized by the state of Nebraska as an offical non-profit corperation.
September 1, 2002 was the first day we stepped away from the where/what the Lord had us and stepped full time into the ministry venture of CareActor Inc.

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