A Pastor's Thanks

I wanted to thank you for the time & ministry that you shared with our youth. Even more though I want to let you know how much I appreciated your openness and ability to reach out to others.

A Pastor's Newsletter Article

Can the Good News be told through drama? Can puppets lead people to worship? Can make-believe characters convincingly tell the greatest Truths of all?
Last weekend, we found out! CareActor was here presenting wonderful truths from God’s word in marvelous ways.
We heard about recognizing truth from puppets. We heard about redemption from an overgrown “Scottie Scout.” We heard about Jesus’ love and grace extended to a hillbilly leper. We heard about the Good Shepherd from an imaginary shepherd - one who heard the angel’s announcement and saw the baby in the manger - one who saw the King enter Jerusalem - one who saw the Savior dying on the cross - one who saw and believed in the Risen Lord.
Character after character emerged from Dale’s “tool box” to relate stories and truths from God’s word. Indeed, his “tool box” became a “treasure box” of wonderful characters and eternal truth.
Those who saw and heard the presentations over the weekend had plenty to say about CareActor. I heard expressions like, “Powerful!” “Awesome!” and “Wonderful!” I heard people say that Dale is wonderfully gifted for this ministry. Others said that we have to have him back! Very few could experience the ministry and not feel the power of what was expressed.
From the youngest children to senior adults, imaginations were tweaked and hearts were stirred. We laughed. We sighed. Some even cried. Through the weekend, we saw and we heard God’s story. We heard about what God has done, and about what God wants to do. We sensed that God is not finished with His story - or with our story - not yet.
Without a doubt, we would say that drama can be used to tell the Good News! Puppets can lead us to worship! God’s greatest truths can speak forth from the mouths of make-believe, imaginary characters.
Perhaps the question we really want to ask is a different one. Should drama and puppets and make-believe characters proclaim something so important? Should the sacred sprout forth out of silliness? Should God’s greatest truths be spoken from the lips of imaginary people who never existed.
When those kinds of questions are asked, I can’t help but think of scripture. In I Corinthians, Paul tells us that the word of the cross is always foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. He goes on to say that “God was well-pleased through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe.”
In Philippians, we are told of those who preach Christ out of love - and those who preach Him out of envy and strife. God’s word says, “What then, only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed!” Even Jesus, in the parables, related eternal truth through fictitious characters and events.
It’s not the method of the proclamation - or the validity of the presenter - but the truth of the Gospel presented that matters. If a make-believe character can help us to see God and His truth better, then by all means, let that character speak out loud and clear. As with any preaching of the Gospel, however, it’s not hearing the message that makes a difference - it’s what we do with the message that matters.
I, for one, am grateful for the ministry of CareActor. I pray that his message will be eternally effective!
Bro. Doug (Doug Hall, Pastor First Baptist Church, Windsor, MO, written spring of 2004)

A Christian School Administrator's Thanks

What a vivid portrayal of the thankful lepar and Levi! I especially appreciated your emphasis on taking time to be grateful instead of being caught up with the "busy-ness" of the schedule. Our freedom in Christ is indeed a precious freedom (Gal. 5:13-15) Thanks very much for taking time from your schedule to be a part of our chapel program.

Another Christian School Administrator's Thanks

Thank you so much for sharing your ministry with us. The children responded so well to your puppets and characters. Each different scenario reinforced truths we track here! And the children loved it! (Teachers too!)

Chair Person of an Event for High School Seniors

Thank you so much for bringing such a challenging and appropriate message to our seniors at the Senior Tea! Your specific proints of challenge to them were thought out, were illustrated and well received. Everyone certainly seemed to be listening and interacting with what you said! You did exactly what we wanted and prayed for!!

Excerpts from an email commenting on a presentation

The following comments are taken from an email from a contact person sent following a presentation to a group of children concerning what Christmas is all about.
"I was able to ask the children that were in my car on the way home which was their favorite and why! It is so encouraging to me how stories have such an impact and they can recount every detail of what a puppet shares with them!"
"It was encouraging for me to watch the name of Jesus come off of some of those children's lips in an authentic way. Thanks for using your giftedness for God's glory!"

From an email received when this person learned of our adding the dimension of CareActor

It seems to me you have been doing this all along.......as you cared for those you spoke to and acted out Bible stories about the God who cares.....once a pastor, always a pastor; the flock just changes.

From a little girl all grown up!

I've known Faith since she was 2. It has been a privilege to watch her grow up into a Godly women of faith!
Following are some kind words her posted on Facebook in inviting persons to check out the guest blogger on her blog site.
"Dale Phillips of CareActor, Inc. is an amazing man of God. I've seen him live out his faith for nearly 3 decades. His genuine love for the Word and passion for communicating it's truth to others was instrumental in my desire for the same. I can't wait for you to meet this amazing man in the lastest blog."
Her blog's address is: http://speakinginfaith.wordpress.com
I invite you to become a regular visitor to her blog. I think you will enjoy Faith speaking:)
By the way 12/17/09 is the day for the posting of myself as her guest blogger.

A Thank You and Comments from a MOPS Mentor

Thank you for coming and sharing with our MOPS group. We enjoyed it. Continue to be bold for Jesus. It is plain to see you are not afraid of the gospel. May He bless His ministry through you.

Kind comments from the Omaha Baptist Center folks

You are wonderfully made. Thanks so much, I was impressed at the amount of attention everyone gave God because you were willing to use the special talents he gave you.

In the wake of an AWANA Leadership Conference

We appreciate your faithfulness. You are widely accepted & receive excellent reviews from the comment sheets.

Comments from a Children's Camp Counselor

Thanks for your work and fun leading the kids and us as adults during worship time. Your characters and stories were very effective as we have seen with the decisions made. God has given you a great gift and we are fortunate that you are using it for Christ.

Quotes from Directors of Summer '06 Kids Camps

"Thank you so much. God truly worked through you to impact the lives of not only the campers but also the counselors and support staff. I so appreciated the way you really reinforced our theme. The hand motions, actions, acting out characters etc. really brought the point home."

"What an awesome week at camp. . . your 'sermons' drove home some important messages - for both kids and adults. And of course your characters and friends stamped them into our minds and hearts."

Portions from a note from a camper from one of the seven kids camps I worked with this summer.

"I am so glad I got to spend the last year of my kids camp with you preaching. . .
Thank you for preaching and encouraging us to reasure me that I am going to heaven. Thank you for showing us all of your characters."

Note from pastor of a small church.

Dale- just wanted to thank you once again for your ministry and your willingness to share it without regard to the size of the church. It is not always easy to get people such as your self to come and speak or share, and I have grateful for your open heart and servanthood to the Lord.

Youth Director Comment & Story
Following a one Session Drama Workshop

The drama helps were great. A mother told me last night that she walked into the living room and her son was going through a series of motions and actions. She ask what he was up to and he said it was from the drama stuff!! There you have it!!! Yes, it was helpful.

Comment from an adult sponsor.
At the Youth Worship Arts Camp

The skits and readings that you had used were fantastic and really moved me closer in worship and doubly touched my heart. . . Keep up the Lord's work as people are being reached through your ministry.

3rd Graders Respond to Artist in Residency

Thank you for coming and teaching us how to take words off of a page and making them alive. . .I learned a LOT!!. . .Now every time I read aloud, my family smiles and you helped me do it. Lacy

Thank you for teeching us. . .I had a great time with you. I hope you had a great time with us. . .Now my mom macks me read a story to my little brother. . .he is a brat.

Thank you for teching me how to speak loud. Not to be scared and inbarest and also brave to do things in front of people. Alex

I liked all the days you came in or room. You are really funny and silly. Hailey

My favorite thing we did was well I have two thing we did it was to dig in and share and to step inside and feel along with. I had a fun week with you. Shelly

I learnd that fables are stories that teach you a lesten. Victor

My favorite thing we did was reading the poems. My favorite poem was Mind your Manners. Amber

I learned to keep your paper below your face so people can hear you. Shauna

I also learned the question we ask who, what, when, where, why. Rachel

An Elementary School's Counselor's Thanks

Thank you so much for sharing your CareActors with us. Your characters are sure to leave a lasting impression on the staff and students. You are very talented and dedicated to your work and it shows in your presentation.

From a thank you note from a member of a family I served in conducting a funeral of a loved one.

'Thank you so much for the wonderful service. It was such a good memory day. I know some people's hearts were touched by the words spoken - felt like our Lord was right there. If it only gets 1 person thinking then it was all worth it. Your message touched alot of the family's hearts. . .




In 2010 a new dimension was added to CareActor!
Believe it or not it's now been three years since CareActor added a new dimension!
We added
-CAREActor - a ministry of standing beside persons encouraging them in living out their stories;
-to CareACTOR - the ministry we've been providing of standing before persons sharing stories.
We are humbled to report that the CAREActor dimension has grown steadily & is definitely an increased part of what our Lord is doing through CareActor.
In addition to the increase in the 'Care' dimension, the Lord has graciously continued to open opportunities for the CareACTOR dimension. In the next few weeks we are scheduled to be in Colorado, Washington, Wyoming, Oklahoma and closer to home right here in Nebraska.


One of the greatest delights in the last 5 years has been the blessing of partnering with Harbor Ministries
Harbor Ministries is a unique ministry intent on helping leaders young (through Rhythm in 20) and more 'seasoned' (through Rogue) to live and lead well. To get a glimpse at what we are blessed to come alongside and join our Lord in serving I invite you to check out www.theharbor.cc


11 years and counting
This year marked the 11th anniversary of many firsts for CareActor.
March 2002 was when the dream of doing what has become CareActor was spoken into us, affirmed by our Lord in us and then spoken to Keystone by us.June 2002 was the month in which we were first recognized by the state of Nebraska as an offical non-profit corperation.
September 1, 2002 was the first day we stepped away from the where/what the Lord had us and stepped full time into the ministry venture of CareActor Inc.

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