CareActor seeking to come alongside and serve those in need of a ministry of encouragement

CareActor will seek to be tool in our extraordinary Carpenter's hand
in listening to, praying & sharing with
individuals, couples or groups
in encouraging them in fully living out their life story in Christ;
in finding and fulfilling God's dream for them.
As CareActor Dale will serve by taking on the role of:
An Encourager / A Spiritual Director / A Spiritual Life Coach / A Spiritual Consultant / A Barnabas.

CareActor ready to provide a ministry of encouragement with & to SENIOR ADULTS!

Long before I was on the doorstep of being a 'senior citizen' (I know I'm on that doorstep cause of the senior discount I now get in some places:) I have found a joy in coming alongside those living out the final chapters of a their life.
One of my greatest joys in my ministering life has been the honor the Lord opened for me when He opened the door for me to become a part time Chaplain at Hastings's Good Samaritan Village in the fall of 2010.
There I have the privilege of providing pastoral care primarily to the residents, their families and the staff that serves them at Perkins Care Home.
If you or someone you know of is in this season of their journey that would benefit from some encouragement please contact us about that possibility!

CareActor serving COUPLES moving towards or journeying through the covenant relationship of marriage!

What a joy to help couples prepare for &/or to live out the best the Lord has in their marriages!

CareActor delights to be a part of the mentoring of YOUTH & YOUNG ADULTS!

Throughout Dale's ministry the Lord has provided opportunities to come alongside youth & youth adults in helping them to know who they are in Christ and to live out that identity in finding and fulfilling God's dream for them!

CareActor being a channel of encouragement & hope to THOSE IN CRISIS!

Dale isn't a licensed counselor but is someone gifted pastor's heart in ministering hope by intently listening, persistently praying & by compassionately speaking truth to those in a hurting portion of their journey.

We will be basing the facet of CareActor in Hastings, NE

Obviously we are ready to stand beside persons from the Hastings area but we are also very interested in finding ways of ministering encouragement to persons from outside this immediate region by possibly setting up meetings between where a person is and Hastings or finding a way to host a person in Hastings or by way of visits by phone.
So if you or someone you know might benefit from such a ministry we'd be honored to have the privilege of visiting with you about setting something up!
You may reach Dale at 402-984-2011.

CareActor serving Children

CareActor Inc. and kids are a natural combination. Children bring their rich imagination along with an openness to believe and be uninhibited which maximizes the effectiveness of CareActor Inc to communicate dynamic truths through the dramatic arts. To the children the puppet characters are real and the prop characters come to life, to share the life impacting reality presented in the Bible. Two of the messages which CareActor Inc. delights to impart to kids are: how very special they are and how they need to strive to be the best they can be

CareActor serving Youth

This generation of young people weaned on TV and computers relate to that which is communicated visually which make them prim targets for a ministry such as CareActor Inc. which utilizes the dramatic arts to bring the truths, stories and characters of the Bible alive. With younger youth the puppets spiced in among a few of the prop characters while accenting the characters which step from the pages of Scripture prove a good receipe for effective communication. And with the older youth the truths, stories and characters brought to life dramatically from the Word bridged between with comments from Dale have proven effective.

CareActor serving Adults

Through the years it has often surprised Dale how much the adults have enjoyed appreciated the puppet and prop characters used during the children's time of the service. I guess we shouldn't be surprised as we see Jesus the master communicator of all time again and again using interesting stories and word pictures to impart truth to those with whom He shared. CareActor Inc. seeks to appeal to that part of each of us no matter our age which responds positively to a good story. In relating to adult groups CareActor Inc. majors on taking characters and stories right off the the pages of Scripture and tries to give a fresh new deminsion to these images which are too often trapped in black (or red) printed words on white pages.

CareActor serving the Church

CareActor Inc. was birthed from within a local church and always delights to serve within the body of Christ. CareActor Inc. has and stands ready anytime our Lord opens a door to communicate the dynamic truths, stories and characters of the Bible through the dramactic arts as part of a church's service, in a Sunday School class or department, at a small group or anywhere within the flow of what God is up to in local fellowship.

CareActor serving in Schools

CareActor Inc. has often shared with children in public and private schools. We have communicated through the dramatic arts in large assemblies as well as in smaller classroom settings. School children of all ages connect well with the positive messages which comes across from the puppet and prop characters from the toolbox.

CareActor serving at Camps

This setting where people get out of their normal traffic patterns and get away for a concentrated time of fun, fellowship and learning have been a wonderful place for the ministry of CareActor Inc.. CareActor Inc. has often been able to adapt its characters to communicate truth in line with the theme that the planners have set for their camp. Having served as a pastor for 23 years Dale is an ideal candidate for being a camp pastor who utilizes the dramatic arts to communicate the message. CareActor Inc. is also ready to step in and be on staff as a Bible teacher for a camp or to serve as a presenter who shares one session as part of a camp.

CareActor serving on College Campuses

CareActor Inc. relates well to this age group in presenting truth in a medium to which can relate as well as proving a great way to challenge them to be truth seekers who build their world view on GodÔs revealed reality. CareActor Inc. fits well at a large group meeting of a campus ministry group or with a small group Bible study group on a campus.

CareActor serving by presenting Workshops

CareActor Inc. stands ready to serve in workshop settings to help equip others in utilizing the dramatic arts to communicate truth. Workshops helping teachers within a children's ministry to discover that they too have the ability to enliven the communication of Biblcial truths, stories and characters or with a group in a church seeking to better to use the dramatic arts with their fellowship would be a good match for CareActor Inc..

CareActor serving in Conference settings

Looking for an interesting, effective way to interpret or illustrate the theme of a conference to its attenders, then consider using CareActor Inc. Needing a main presenter to unfold truth at a conference, then consider using CareActor Inc.. Seeking a teacher for a class among classes at a conference, then consider using CareActor Inc.. CareActor Inc. stands ready to serve you and your conference in anyway the Lord leads.

Have we forgotten you?

Hey if we failed to mention a place and a way that a ministry which commicates the dynamic truths, stories and characters of the Bible through the dramatic arts might be an option you'd like to consider. We believe the Lord has raised up CareActor Inc. as a viable, flexible option for His kingdom's use in more ways than we can mention specific examples for here. We do invite you to prayerfully consider CareActor Inc. to come help you communicate truth where you are.




In 2010 a new dimension was added to CareActor!
Believe it or not it's now been three years since CareActor added a new dimension!
We added
-CAREActor - a ministry of standing beside persons encouraging them in living out their stories;
-to CareACTOR - the ministry we've been providing of standing before persons sharing stories.
We are humbled to report that the CAREActor dimension has grown steadily & is definitely an increased part of what our Lord is doing through CareActor.
In addition to the increase in the 'Care' dimension, the Lord has graciously continued to open opportunities for the CareACTOR dimension. In the next few weeks we are scheduled to be in Colorado, Washington, Wyoming, Oklahoma and closer to home right here in Nebraska.


One of the greatest delights in the last 5 years has been the blessing of partnering with Harbor Ministries
Harbor Ministries is a unique ministry intent on helping leaders young (through Rhythm in 20) and more 'seasoned' (through Rogue) to live and lead well. To get a glimpse at what we are blessed to come alongside and join our Lord in serving I invite you to check out


11 years and counting
This year marked the 11th anniversary of many firsts for CareActor.
March 2002 was when the dream of doing what has become CareActor was spoken into us, affirmed by our Lord in us and then spoken to Keystone by us.June 2002 was the month in which we were first recognized by the state of Nebraska as an offical non-profit corperation.
September 1, 2002 was the first day we stepped away from the where/what the Lord had us and stepped full time into the ministry venture of CareActor Inc.

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